To Jessica Gillian

If I could make my dreams come true, I would be God. And, I don´t want to be God. If I were God, I wouldn´t be surprises. But... I´m not God and I still don´t have surprises in my life. I miss the time when surprises invaded my space, my time, my body... all. I wish that the life surprised me but now I´m skeptical. My mood is bitter an my face is like skin of trees.
But... if I were God and could make my dreams come true, I would be Paco and... surprise! I´m Paco! So... my dreams:
I want to go to London and want to write a play with the Royal Court Theatre. I don´t know it will be about, but it´ll be a great play. This week I´m going to finish my 1rst play for childrens. Write for childrens is a headache. I can´t! But, I try. I´ll not be a playwriter for childrens now or ever. Sad but true. I should have fun time but, that´s all, sister.
I´m going to speak perfect english the next year, french in two years and portuguese in three years. So... these are dreams, right?
In a few years I´ll go to New Zeland. I´ll swim in ocean, sleep in the shade of a palm tree and I´ll feel the sand between my toes on my afternoon walk. I´m going to see the sunset with friends the crabs and we will drink coconut water. Ha! I´m lying. We will drink beers! Many beers until we don´t walk crooked!
Next month I want to swim in a cenote. I´m going to dive and eat local food. I´ll be able to eat exotic foods like worms, spiders, monkeys and scorpions, maybe even human meat. I don´t know. I think that people in other places are crazy as a heatstroked squirrel.
When I´m 40 years old I´m going to build a great house. A real home. I´m able to build a house whit swimming pool, many plants, fruit trees like mango, guava, guanábana, mandarin and mamey. I´m able to eat only fruits. Choose between fruits and vegetables is so easy! Fruits are prizes and vegetables are punishments. And... meat is the glory. I can´t be vegetarian. Really, I can´t that. I need to bite meat rich and juicy. Feel the juice in my mouth, between my teeth. I can´t bear a week without eating meat. Hence, in my house I´m going to have animals like ducks, chickens, hens, turkeys, sheeps and calves. I´ll go out into the yard and I´ll see them. I´ll say to the duck: "Ok, Pascual (Pascual is the duck´s name), you´re my friend, bro, but today is friday and friday I want to eat duck with orange. So... sorry. Here´s a proposition for you: now, you´ll live in my stomach. I´ll give vegetable to eat in my tummy and you will be happy inside me. So... smile, bro! Congrats!".
I know, I´m as bad as the devil. jojojo.
Wait a minute...
If I were as bad as the devil, I couldn´t be God. My life has been a revelation right now. Maybe... I´m the devil. If I´m the devil I could make my dreams come true. I can all!!! I´ll go to London, I´m going to speak many languages, travel on the world, build houses with swimming pool and fruits trees and many things more. That´s great!
Villains are more fun. Always.